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Building An Effective Home Health Care Website

The Health Home Health Care industry is huge right now. We know that over 21% of all people in America had some form of Health care (this number does not

With the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important to have a well-built website for your Health Care business. A typical Health care business can see 20%+ growth just from having a slick and clean-looking Health Home Health Website.

Client Engagement

Create a client portal for handling intake and on-boarding your new clients seamlessly. When you are able to get them signed up easily for their care they are more likely to continue with your services. The ease of use and convenience builds confidence in your agency, so having a way to engage your current clients can be help tip the scales when people are looking for options for their loved one(s). Acquire new clients by using home health-focused keywords and compelling imagery & storytelling. When Health Care Agencies have clients who are happy, content, and feel secure, it allows Health Care Professionals to spend more time providing the actual care more seamlessly.

Health Care Compliance

Health care agencies have many regulations and requirements. HIPPA compliant web practices will be included when building your website. We make sure we follow any other guidelines that may be specific to your services. Security is our priority and we take it seriously when dealing with the comfort of your patients.

We will make sure that your Health Care Website is compliant with all regulations before it goes live.

With Stride, you’ll be able to provide information about your home health care services and practice to help educate consumers, help find ways in which patients can remain at home for as long as possible, instead of having to be away from loved ones.

Security & Performance

Web security is a must in these times. Our plans all comes with industry standard security.

Tech Support

Enjoy consistent tech support , from sites that crash to sites with simple errors, we got your back when you need it most. 


Website Design & Development

Each plan comes with a fresh start. We will develop a new or update your existing website.

Hosting + Maintenance

Now you can enjoy hosting and maintenance under the same plan. With each plan you can rest easy knowing that your website is in good hands of our team.


SSL Certificate

Give your visitors the confidence to safely engage your forms and online shop. Without this certificate it will impossible to compete with other websites in your industry.

On Page SEO

SEO is the optimization of how often your website is found on search engines like google, yahoo, or bing. We offer this service to help you make a mark on the internet.

About Us

Well-Planned Web Design

Home Health Care was already leading one of the fastest-growing industries before the pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue into the future as baby boomers age. Health care agencies are seeing more and more elderly clients, many of whom need help with everyday tasks like dressing and bathing.

With a well-planned web design patients finding of your services online is greatly increased. The home Health care agency with the branded website will have a competitive advantage over those without it. Show your future clients and concerned parties what the experience will be like in your care.

Add A Traffic Booster!

Add a traffic booster to your plan for $50 extra/month which allows you to take advantage of our content writers and marketing specialists.

Website design and Maintenance Plan

Our plans are designed specifically for your needs as a home health care business owner. Maintenance plans are a cost-effective way to keep your website running smoothly and effectively. Maintenance plans will also allow you to update your site to meet the latest web standards and customer’s expectations.

Get more clients to visit your site, increase brand recognition!


Website Development: Extensive (Unlimited)


Advanced Security: SSL Certificate, Version Upgrade, Malware Protection, Monitoring


Website Updates: Up to 100 per month


Features: Ecommerce, Blog, Portfolio, Community, Intranet


Advanced Tech Support: Debugging, Dedicated Agent

Webs Design That Converts..

Just like any other type of business, companies in the home health care industry have their own set of needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Your website is more than just a marketing tool; it’s also your customer service desk and product.

Your job as a Healthcare Agency is to make people feel secure enough to make appointments, give you their personal information so you can follow up with them later on. It’s also to provide them with information that is important to know and understand the philosophy of your agency and to view a list of Health care Health services you offer.

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This is only one aspect of Health Care Health Agencies Website design, there are many more factors one needs to consider when developing an effective Health Care Health


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